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Control 2 motors (X and Y) with l6470 in daisy chain configuration

Question asked by cingolani.marco on Jun 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2014 by atkin.phil
Dear all,
my question is about how to realize a syncronous movement of 2 stepper motor (one move in X direction and one move in Y direction), controlling by 2 l6470 connected in a daisy chain configuration also with STM32F4DIS-EXT.
In particular I would know if in this configuration's type there is a delay in sending the input command between the 2 motors, and which is the smartest way to obtain straight trajectories (i.e. have a simultaneous movement of both motors at the same speed)
Actually I using commands:
after calculation of the step that I want to realize with the 2 motors
Thanks in advance
Best regards
Marco Cingolani