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LIS3DH noise characteristics

Question asked by pit on Sep 14, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2012 by pit
Dear all,

I am using the LIS3DH configured with 1.25 kHz bandwith (ODR) and high resolution (12bits), full scale range of +/- 2g. I have a question regarding the noise I should expect at this frequency :

The datasheet gives an Acceleration noise density of 220 ug/sqrt(Hz). I found in a Freescale pdf the following note :

" When this value (noise density) is multiplied by the square root of the measurement bandwidth, this result is the RMS acceleration noise of the
sensor at nominal VDD and temperature. Accelerations below this value will not be resolvable.  "

In my case this calculation gives a peak to peak noise of 22 mg (about 5 bits). Is this reasoning correct ?

Thanks for your help.