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TSX564 quad OP with QFN package NC pins

Question asked by knobloch.tobias on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2016 by colliard-piraud sylvain

Hi guys!
I´am currently working on a sensor hardware. I use the TSX564 quad CMOS operational amplifiers with the QFN16 package. There are two pins called NC. So does it means they are Not Connected with a bond to the inner hardware in the smd case or is it used as a Do Not Connect this pins?
I want to create an active guarding of the input pin IN2+ of the op amp 2. So it would be nice for my PCB design to connect the IN2- and the NC pin. With that i try to generate a "circle" of conductor path around the input pin IN2+. This should guard the signal on them against the electric potential of the PCB around it.
Is it possible to connect the NC pin to this circle or does NC means it is not allowed to connect anything on him for the correct working terms of the TSX564?!
Thx for your help.