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Problem in Tag Calibration of CR95HF

Question asked by mcguinness.jane on Aug 22, 2014
I have been working with the CR95HF chip for about the last month. I need to be able to use the Tag Detect version of the Idle state for my application. However, when I attempt to run the Tag Calibration sequence, I get a Wake Up response of 0x02 (value of the third byte) during the second step when my DACDataH value is 0xFC, which according to the Application Note, AN3433, is an error state. I would assume it was a problem with my matching network or with my receive pins, but the other RF operations I am interested in (inventories, reads and writes) are functional.

I have tried changing the value of the Rrx resistors (from 330 ohm to 249 ohm), but if i lower the value, I encounter the opposite problem: I only get a Wake Up response of 0x01 until my value of DACDataH is 0x03 while attempting to calibration and this value clearly doesn't lead to a usable DACDataL value for actual Idle commands.

Has anyone else experienced this problem or know a possible cause/solution?