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CR95HF 14443A-4

Question asked by lytkin.anton on Oct 28, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by lytkin.anton
I have custom designed board with CR95 + STM32F103. It almost copied from MB1054A demo board. I use libraries and API form ST: lib_CR95HF.c, lib_iso14443A.c and drv_CR95HF.c
I wrote small programm that initializes CR95, then wait for tag event, like it was in demo programm.
When ISO14443A_IsPresent() returns success, I do ISO14443A_SelectSequence and it returns success to. I see the UID and SACK byte. Then I try to send RATS frame, and it allways returns 87 00. 
I did all same requests to demo kit, and it was success result. PPS  request was OK too on demo kit, unlike my board.
So, I guess I didn't do some necessary actions... can anyone help me?