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CR95HF tuning Timer Window and Receiver Gain

Question asked by hartung.marco on Jul 2, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2014 by ST NFC

I want to build a reader to communicate with ISO14443A and ISO15693 tags using the CR95HF transceiver IC. I build a 2 turn PCB antenna and calculated the matching of the PCB antenna according to AN4327 and the excel tool.

With VPS_TX = 3,3V I get performance equal to the PLUG_CR95HF demo board.

I tried also to match the antenna for VPS_TX = 5V (assuming better read range) and with this setup it is possible to power tags over a greater distance but I cannot communicate (receive) with the tags. I get little improvement by tweaking the Timer Window and Receiver Gain (5.8.1 and 5.8.2 CR95HF datasheet). But the only way to determine these values I found was “try and see”.

So my question is how to measure or determine the right values for these parameters.

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