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L99ASC03 internal voltage regulator

Question asked by EtaPhi on May 11, 2014
Latest reply on May 14, 2014 by EtaPhi
I'm evaluating L99ASC03 to control a brushless motor which drives a propeller.
A series of LiPo accumulators will supply the board.
The supply voltage is about 7V when 2 LiPo accumulators are used.
When more LiPo accumulators are used, supply voltage increases up to 25 V in 3.7V steps.
This supply voltage range matches the L99ASC03 internal +5V voltage regulator limits, but it may waste too much power when many LiPo are used.

Is it possible to connect the +5V output of a switching regulator to the VSREG input while VS and VSMS are directly connected to the LiPo accumulators?