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LSM9DS0 Linear Accel not returning data

Question asked by garrison.adam on Oct 25, 2016

We are using the LSM9DS0TR and here is what I am seeing…


  • I have both CS-G and CS_XM tied t0 3.3V and SDDO_G/SAO_G and SDO_XM/SAO_XM tied to GND, this should give me the following I2C addresses (we are using I2C to access it) Linear Accel and Mag Sensor address of 3D/3C, and angular rate sensor address of D5/D4
  • I can read from the angular rate sensor just fine, the transactions look normal and everything works so I know my code works.
  • When I change my code to read from the Linear Accel (which is the feature we really need ) it doesn’t work.


What I have found is that the repeated start is not being generated correctly (or at least that’s what it looks like) when reading from the linear accel, yet reading from the angular rate sensor, it looks perfect.  Why would this occur?  Is there some errata that I am missing?