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Possible to reset interrupt when LIS3DH is disabled, or other possibililty?

Question asked by troutt.dan on Aug 20, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by h.jody
I have the LIS3DH setup to trigger interrupt 1 when '6 direction movement recognition' on all axis using HP filter example on application note page 24.

This works well.

After being set I read the HP_FILTER_RESET and also the INT1_SRC which resets the filter position and clears the interrupt, ready to sense movement again.

If I disable the LIS3DH with 0x00 in ctrl_reg1 while the interrupt is triggered, the interrupt stays triggered (it is active low, so it stays low). If I read the HP_FILTER_RESET and also the INT1_SRC the interrupt does not reset.

(1) Is there any way to clear the interrupt like I can do when the LIS3DH is 'enabled'?

(2) My goal is to reset the interrupt (to high state since it is active low) after it has been triggered and disable it  even if the device is still moving. Is this possible?

(3) Is there a command that will drive the interrupt line high directly regardless of movement?

Thank you