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M24LR16E Incompatibility with Smartphones (S4/Nexus 4...)

Question asked by jourjon.quentin on Jun 6, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by phan.anthony
Hi all,

I am using a ST NFC chip : M24LR16E in my products and I noticed some incompatibility with Smartphones of the market (Samsung S4, S5, Nexus 4)

I have made some research and I found that these phones were using a Broadcom NFC chip (BC20794) which is not compatible with some NFC chips in the product. It depends on the type of NFC tag used. (Most of existing products has Mifare Classic 1k tag and it is just compatible with NXP chip equiped phones). 

In fact the M24LR16E has ISO15693 standard, which is the same standard as in the NXP NFC chips of the Smartphones (PN544, PN65N...). Whereas the ISO standards in the Broadcom chips are ISO 18092, ISO14443 (from NFC Forum type 1-4 tags)...

So the problems comes from this different type of NFC tags technology (Mifare Classic 1k vs NFC Forum Type 1-4)? Or is it coming from the application?
Do someone has the same problems? Do we need to change the M24LR16E chips?

Thank you for your answers