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LSM9DS1 Magnetic Hard/Soft Iron Compensation & Factory Calibration

Question asked by Leicht.Emanuel on Sep 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2016 by Petr S
Hello Forum and ST support,

I was wondering if the magnetic sensors of the LSM9DS1 are factory calibrated or not. At the moment, it looks to me as if they're not calibrated at all. My hard and soft iron calculation from measurement leads to extremely different results, despite all sensors are placed on the same PCB and in very similar environments.
Could you verify for me if they're calibrated or not? If not, is there a possibility to get factory calibrated sensors, so that I'd have to run my measurements and calibration factors only once per PCB design and not for every single unit?

Another question relates to that: Can you provide a tool that calculates the hard iron and soft iron compensation factors from measurements (CSV file)? As by now, I'm using a free tool I found somewhere in the internet, which works fine, but only calculates the hard iron offset. Another tool which is supposed to calculate factors for both (hard & soft iron effects) can't handle every set of data, sometime I get imaginary results (it's a MATLAB script).

Thanks in advance