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L6470 always in stepclock mode

Question asked by goeck on Apr 24, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2014 by goeck
Hey everyone,

I am using a 6470 attached to the STM32F0-Discovery which basically works fine. THe only thing is, that when accelerating and decelerating the stepper is shaking all over the place, even losing steps during a certain period. When looking at the dspin_getStatus() response I see SCK_MOD bit raised, indicating that the device is in step-clock mode though I have set 1/128 microstepping mode in my init routine. I let the motor run at a certain speed and change direction every 2 seconds, just as a test sequence. I use dspin_run() command for this.

Why can't I get out of step_clock mode? Shouldn't this be done automatically when using a move or run command?
I used another L6470 earlier, where I did not have these issues.

Any comment is highly appreciated.