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Maximum frequency for querying input.cgi

Question asked by lainovic.marko on May 5, 2015
Latest reply on May 14, 2015 by lainovic.marko
Hello there, again,

I am trying to query the MCU over WiFi module, using ajax GET requests sent by a browser. The idea is: upon detecting the "+WIND:56:Insert message to client: " response, MCU responds appropriately, and this cycle repeats itself periodically.

I've noticed that a sizable number of  GET requests is being rejected or there is no response, especially if the period between sending the requests is less than 500 ms.

I should also say that every request from the browser is sent only after some kind of response from to the previous request, so it never happens that there is more than one pending request.

With 750 ms between ajax requests, it works okay, but I was hoping to do better. What are your experiences regarding this type of communication, aka constant polling of input.cgi?

P.S. I am using input.cgi and ouptut.cgi as means of communication and data exchange between the MCU and the browser, but if you feel there is a better way, do tell :-)