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STm wifi module

Question asked by laaroussi.salah on Mar 25, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2014 by Clive One
Anyone of you have worked on WIFI? I need a small help related to that.
I need to develop an application that sends and receives some data via usart, cause I need to communicate with a wifi device (i'm using a stm32f4discovery board).
but the problem is that i can't find a wifi module which is compatible with my stm32f4
several questions running through my head
can i use any module found in the internet ?
 what about Software?
 what about compatibility?
also can i wired this module SG901-1098 from Sagrad directly to my stm32f4 board and making the necssary configuration to make it work (sending and receiving data in a standalone mode)?
the project idea is to make the system (STM32F4 discovrey Board and wifi module) operate in a standalone mode without the PC being used.

thx in advance