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Finding parameters for L6470

Question asked by perron.benoit on Apr 11, 2014
I am quite novice when it comes to stepper motors and am having some difficulties. I am evaluating the L6470 to replace an old step/dir motor drive. The motor used is an Applied Motion HT17-075 nema17. Form the specs and measurements I have the following data:
phase current 0.85A
phase resistance 6.6 ohms
phase inductance 12mH
measured Ke 0.0475 V/Hz

I am driving the motor with a 24V power supply and after going through the BEMF calculations I have a smooth and silent system but top speed is limited to 885 Steps/s . Everything more than that is really noisy and starts to slip.
I am set at 128 micro-steps, have the Slew rate at fastest, using voltage compensation and have FS_SPD set to 0x3F. I tried varying the BEMF slopes, and even tried with a 36V power supply but couldn't get it to go faster. I don't have precise numbers but I know that it's really faster with the old drive.

What should I try next?

thank you!