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L6482 Speed issue

Question asked by parravicini.carlo on Apr 11, 2014
Latest reply on May 26, 2014 by Enrico Poli
I'm tring to use a L6482 using only speed (Run) command because we have to use the motor in speed mode. Acc/Del are on our control. Chip Acc/Del are set to infinite (0xFFF) and MIN_SPEED/MAX_SPEED at 0,0x3FF. STEP_MODE is on 1/4 step

Everything works fine, I can read/write all registers.
If  I give a Run command (0x50) motor runs at that frequency and CurrentSpeed register give use the Run frequency (divided by 4 because I use 1/4 microstep). Real frequency of the motor is also  correct.

This is true only if  I write equal or greater speeds (i.e increase frequecy).
If I try to decrease speed the motor runs at last speed and SPEED registry remain at that value. No way to decelerate. This happen if I give the RUN command  one shot or continuosly as well.
Only if I execute a RUN( 0x00 ) the motor stop and SPEED goes at 0x00 as well.

There are particular registry setting or sequence in order to use th L6482 in a direct speed mode control?