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M24LR16E - I2C communication

Question asked by manole.adina on May 14, 2014
Latest reply on May 16, 2014 by galligani.anais
I wish to use the M24LR16E as a NFC tag. In order to do this I have an ANT1-M24LR16E, a CR95HF and an Aardvark for the I2C communication.
With the M24LRxx_Application_Software I send a text through the RF (with the CR95HF) and then I am trying to change this text through the I2C with the Aardvark.
The batch code below:
  <configure i2c="1" spi="0" gpio="0" tpower="1" pullups="1"/>
  <i2c_bitrate khz="400"/>
  <i2c_write addr="0x53" count="2" radix="16"  >  00 00</i2c_write>
  <i2c_write addr="0x53" count="4" radix="16"  >  E1 40 FF 05 </i2c_write>
  <i2c_write addr="0x53" count="4" radix="16" >  03 09 D1 01</i2c_write>
  <i2c_write addr="0x53" count="4" radix="16"  > 05 54 02 65</i2c_write>
  <i2c_write addr="0x53" count="4" radix="16"  > 6E 64 61 FE</i2c_write>
   <i2c_write addr="0x53" count="2" radix="16" > 00 00</i2c_write>
  <i2c_read addr="0x53" count="16"/>
The bytes read by the Aardvark(I2C) are the ones previously written through the RF.
I don't seem to be able to change them. Can you tell me if there is more to the I2C protocol that I missed in the datasheet?

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