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Programmer wanted, microchip and visual

Question asked by brown.aaron on Oct 26, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2010 by Andrew Neil
Hello, My name is Aaron.
I am looking to hire a programmer.
Qualifications are as followed.
1. Must be able to program a STM8S (more info here
(For our development only)
2. Some sort of computer interfacing programing (VB c C# just needs to work.)
3. Skype communication or phone.
Now with the general qualifications out of the way lets get to the task at hand.
What i need.
Program and design the micro controller to act as a volt meter for 0-5v, send this data to the pc software and display on a HD44780 20x4 blue lcd screen.
The micro controller part is very simple. i am going to use it to take a voltage reading from a sensor and have it displayed on both the computer screen and lcd.
Now there are some special features needed besides just reading voltage.
The sensor has a few problems that can be over come by software.
First when the sensor is just started being used it needs a few second to warm up so the program needs to be able to ignore the first 5 seconds of input.
When the sensor is also not sensing heat it take a while to drop back down to 0 so for this the programmer needs to be able to see the fact that the curve is drooping very fast and to auto show zero.
While its reading the data its needs a few active displays.
First is the current reading the next is the peak current reading and third is the average current reading.
The pc software need this as well. But i would also like it to plot a graph.
The pc software needs to graph this info and also be able to save it.
I would like the software to be able to save the graph.
Each graph can be saved to its own name.
So every time you open up a graph you can read again and see the differences between the times its been done.
This feature is so you can see degradation over time.
That is the basic features. there might be more needed.
I have knowledge in programing but its been a while, so instead of spending months on a project it would save me time by letting someone else do it.
This is all for a LPM or a Laser Power Meter
This is a picture of a similar one but we are looking to add a computer interface as well as add the talked about displays.
The laser hits the sensor heat and generates a small current that goes to an opamp. The output from the opamp will go to the chip.

This job will be a paid job and can have installment payments.
Or it can also be a trade.
As i make very high powered Blue lasers.
These are not cheap nor are they made in china i have my own machine shop and they are produces from start to finish in house.
They range in power from 250mw to 1.5w.
These can light matches and burn threw cardboard. cigarettes. and skin
These are not toys.
Picture of laser in our laser show system.
I will try to add more detail please ask as any questions.
additional details and info.
it does not need to monitor temp.
The sensor we use is called a TEC or better known as a thermal electric cooler.
And theres simple math behind how it generate voltage.
one side get hot and the other cold. so if you set one side to a heat sink and the other get side is painted flat black and shine a laser on it, it generates a small current to which the opamp will correct and amplify to the right reading so for the power level.
The problem with this sensor is that it can take a while for it to dissipate all of its heat.
So even after you are done shining your laser on it, it can take another 30 seconds before the volt meter to read 0. so that is why in the programing when it starts to drop at a significant rate it will just set it to 0.
I hope that clears it up.
I can supply and ship all the things needed to test and construct one.
The STM8S in the link has a built in usb programer onto it. it is a very nice invention. for 10$ you get a STM8S chip and a usb programmer. So i would like all communication to be usb. And it will be running on windows xp and vista and 7.
My main concern is xp.