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SPWF01XX Firmware Upgrade (usart)

Question asked by webster.gary on Apr 25, 2015
Latest reply on May 27, 2015 by webster.gary
I need to update the firmware (need the 1 command the is in release 3.3)for the above module. I have contacted the local ST agent and have received the required programs and files for the upgrade (via usart)
(SPWF01S Wi-Fi  documentation package W48 - FW3.3)
I run the FW_update.bat file and do what is required including (BOOT0 pin needs to be pulled high (3.3v))
I always get a 'Initial ACK not received from module" response error. 
Question: I run the serial port just with Rx,Tx and Gnd. Do I need RTS and CTS? 
Please note my serial comms can communicate with the module normally.