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HVLED001 eDesignSuite vs Datasheet

Question asked by Pedro Pereira on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2016 by Pedro Pereira
Hi There,

After using the eDesignSuite to design a 25V (CV / HPF / PSR) using the HVLED001, we found some discrepancies between the eDesignSuite proposed circuit and the HVLED001 typical HPF / PSR / CV circuit on page 16 of the datasheet. Especifically on:
- components connected to pin ZCD
- the place where RtOff connects (between Cs, RS on eDesignSuite and pin FB on datasheet)
- zener on clamper (datasheet) -> no zener on eDesignSuite
Which one is right?
We really need help on this since we must do the PCB prototypes ASAP.

Best Regards,