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Question asked by spero.marcus on Sep 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2016 by zhao.yuntao

Hi ST.  I have a few questions regarding the application of the TDA7498 and TDA7498E.

The TDA7498E application circuit has schottky diodes on the output but the TDA7498 does not, is there a reason for this?

The loudspeaker design I am wanting to drive has high inductance due to both the voice coil and crossover network with a combined inductance of approximately 4mH.  Can you assist in calculating the correct values for C and R for the snubber circuit.  I am basing my low pass filter on the 6 ohm filter values (due to speaker impedance dips).  The data brief says 330pF and 22R as a starting point, I suspect I need to differ from this.

The loudspeaker system is an 8 ohm system but has a minimum impedance of 4.9 ohms.  Is it better for me to change my PCB to use the TDA7498E instead of the TDA7498 and from a reliability point of view which IC is better. 

The design is intended to be as reliable as practically possible starting with a 0.4K/W heatsink to keep the package running cold.