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SPC56EL70L5 MCU Basic Initialization

Question asked by zaffarana.luigi on Mar 1, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2015 by zaffarana.luigi
Dear All,
Thanks for the attention.

I'm working with SPC56EL70L5DISP Discovery Board using SPC5 Studio as IDE.

I've never had any specific experience with such a kind of MCU indeed i'm having some trobles about how to implement basic function like making an ADC or providing an DSPI or CAN Comunication.
Actually I'm working with SPC56EL70L5DISP Discovery Board.

I'm using all the Graphical Tools present inside the SPC5 Studio for SPC56 MCU line but nevertheless I'm following the procedures I'm having software problems since I've not found many supports about how to use the API related to the different HAL Components.

I've searched for several reference notes in the ST forum and site but unfortunately I've not found in them basic informations about how to use the Drivers related to the HAL Components.

What I'm asking is:

1 - Is there any place where I can find some training tutorial about how to program SPC56 MCUs providing techical details or examples about how to use the different components, like how to use the Drivers/API ?

For example: in order to implement an ADC, wich are the procedures and functions that have to be followed ?

2 -  Is there any files which I can find a Register Map with all the addresses inside the SPC56EL70 ?

Thanks again and sorry for this kind of question that surely wolud be trivial for someone.