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LIS2DH Free-Fall Detection

Question asked by mizhis.borys on May 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2014 by thomas.poinsot
Hello There,

i'm trying to configure the LIS2DH for the free-fall detection. On the Free-Fall LIS should trigger an interrupt on INT1. My configuration looks like that:

CTRL_REG1 = 0b00100111;
CTRL_REG2 = 0b00000001;
CTRL_REG3 = 0b01000000; 
CTRL_REG4 = 0b10001000;
CTRL_REG5 = 0b00000000;
CTRL_REG6 = 0b00000000;

INT1_CFG = 0b10010101;
INT1_SRC = 0b00000000;          // Read Only?!
INT1_TSH = 0b00011000;
INT1_DUR = 0b00110010;

it doesn't seem to work propperly ...
can anyone help me?