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Error A1163E on Existing STM32F4 Discovery Program after re-installing UVision4

Question asked by icecoldies on Mar 21, 2014
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I have posted this on the Keil site, just wondered if anyone on here had come across this?

I recently formatted my computer and re-installed UVision4.
I moved all my files to my Dropbox folder prior to the format.
Once setup again I dragged a program back to my hard drive that compiled fine prior to the format.

When I first went to compile the program I had errors relating to files paths, so I removed all files from the project and added them back, this resolved these initial errors.

I now get several errors, all are A1163E - 'Unknown opcode <instruction> , expecting opcode or Macro'.

The errors are related to instructions in the startup.s file (Apologies I would normally copy and paste the errors but I am currently away from home).

I can't understand why I am getting these, I replaced all files like for like so the program structure is as it was prior to the format. Looking up the error code on here explains this error is normally due to missing white spaces before the instruction, but the instructions that get the errors against them have white spaces before them?

Example programs do compile fine

Any ideas much appreciated.