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STM32 Nucleo. Problems with RESET

Question asked by Aliaga.David on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by Kraal
Hello and thanks always

I am programming a STM32 Nucleo with mbed and I have a curious situation. If it sounds familiar to you, I would appreciate any pointer, advice or comment

I have successfully programmed the nucleo to display something on a TFT LCD. However if I plug the nucleo to my PC (powering it) the LCD keeps blank meaning the LCD was not initialized.

However, if I press the RESET button of the Nucleo the program runs successfully and as long as I keep the nucleo plugged to the PC I can program it any number of times it always work.
It is only when I unplugged and plug it that the program fails...

why would this be happening??

(As a side note, how can I reset my nucleo from software -without touching the reset button)