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STM32F7-discovery, STemWin, lack of RAM

Question asked by Baev.Alexander on Feb 11, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by piovesan.marco


I try to test emWin example – MEMDEV_AttitudeIndicator.c. To be able to run it 1024 * 700 bytes of memory are required. I took HelloWorld StemWin example as a starting point. When I try to increase the necessary memory in GUIConf.c file from 1024*150 to 1024*700 the error occurred:

unable to allocate space for sections/blocks with a total estimated minimum size of 0xafb74 bytes (max align 0x8) in <[0x20000000-0x2004ffff]> (total uncommitted space 0x50000).

So necessary RAM is bigger than what we have.

But we also have external RAM. Is it possible to include it somehow? Or is there any other solution?