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LIS3DH Self Test

Question asked by laddaga.claudio on Oct 30, 2013
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by le_mer.michel
Dear all,
I am working on the LIS3DH and trying to correctly develop the embedded Self Test feature.

All I do is evaluating the difference between the "Normal Measurements" and the "Self Test Measurements" and check if these differences match with the Self Test Output Change declared at page 10 in the Data Sheet.

The problem is that (@3V supply) I always get values about one half the ones indicated in the data sheet. 

I also found this Self Test Procedure on the web:
and it underlines that the measured difference should fall between a range of values but I cannot find on the Data Sheet the MIN/MAX values for the SELF TEST OUTPUT CHANGE.

Considering that it also depends on the power supply, how can I evaluate this MIN/MAX value for my application working between 3.6V and 2.5V??

Waiting for you reply,

Best regards,