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stm32F746-disco USB HS chip very hot

Question asked by lebets.vyacheslav on Feb 7, 2016
Hi All!
We know, what stm32f746 use ULPI whith USB3320C-EZK to realise USB HS.
I could not run the Demonstration project and any other projects, relating to the USB HS.
And I am surprised that USB3320C chip really hot, very straight.

I want to ask: it must be heated or I did something with meals and it burned down.?

I can add: if power the board from USB st-link, the feeling is that the board does not have enough voltage: this I see on the screen flicker, and if the processor is loaded, the screen may not light at all.
Now I feed giving 5V power supply separately..
It seems to me that I had somehow what is burned chip.