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STM32F4 disco + MEMS microphone array

Question asked by jasonas.matas on Feb 3, 2016
Hello, my project involves capturing the data from a MEMS microphone array. I found one article which describes, that it is possible to achieve this with a STM32F4 processors, so I would use STM32F407 discovery board. I added the diagram in the attachment. It shows, that the input clock (12.288MHz) is divided and outputed to the MEMS microphone array and also to trigger the DMA. As I understand, the clock passed to the array should be N times smaller than the one passed to DMA, where N is the microphone count. But is it possible to output two different clock from one timer. And if not would it work if I used to timers which were clocked from the same source (for example APB2) and outputed the to MEMS array and DMA respectively? Would the DMA work in sync with the array?