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STM32L4 Discovery USB issue

Question asked by mukherjee.bhaskar on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2016 by Nesrine M
Hello All,
    I am having trouble using the USB OTG peripheral on the 32L476GDISCOVERY board. I took off the LCD and shorted the solder bridges that connect the Vbus (and the USB ID) pin. I am trying to use the board as a USB Device connected to a PC.
    I do not see any activity on the DP and DM lines when I connect a USB cable. More troubling is the fact that I am not getting 5V on the Vusb pin of the Micro USB connector when it is connected to a PC. I tried connecting a USB charger to the port to eliminate any PC related issues and I still did not get 5V.
    Has anyone here used the STM32L4 discovery board as a USB device? The Radar project on this page seems to be using the USB OTG port without any issues. However that project does not have any information on the Discovery board itself.
    I looked at the schematic to figure out if anything might be holding the Vbus pin to ground but nothing seems out of place. I am out of ideas at this point and looking for anyone in this forum to provide me with a little guidance.