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Audio player with microSD on STM32F411e-Disco

Question asked by sim.kae_wanq on Jan 22, 2016
Hi all,

I am working on a project using STM32F411e-Disco board and HAL driver. It will read audio files from microSD and then play it through CS43L22 (audio DAC with integrated class D speaker driver).
The connection I used between board and microSD is 1-bit SDIO.

I read a post about SDIO and CS43L22, it mentioned both of them are IMPOSSIBLE to work together, because SDIO_CK(PC12) and SDIN of CS43L22 are conflict.

I like to change the connection way to SPI connection. However, in this manual showed that SPI1, SPI2 and SPI3 also conflict with CS43L22.

Did any one of you work on this relevant project before?
How did you design your project and connection to solve this issue? 

Please give me some advices.
Thank you very much!