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Nucleo F303RE Problems with Android USB OTG

Question asked by riggs.rob on Jan 4, 2016
I am trying to plug a Nucleo F303RE into an Android 6.0 phone and connect to the CDC port via an Android application.

Bad things happen when I do this.  Apparently Android 6.0 detects the ST/LINK mass storage device and automounts it, then writes something to the mass storage device which causes the ST/LINK to erase the Nucleo's firmware.  I have to reprogram the Nucleo to use it again.

Is there any way to prevent the ST/LINK from enumerating the mass storage device or have the CDC operate without the ability to flash the Nucleo?

I have tried removing the jumpers from CN2.  When I do this, the Nucleo in inoperable until the ST/LINK MCU is reset and then the CDC is not enumerated.