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Programming Error on NOR Flash (STM32F7 Eval)

Question asked by teal.andy on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2015 by teal.andy
We are having difficulty programming the external NOR flash on the STM32F7 Eval board from the  STLink utility - it appears to be a programming timing issue.
It will program from 0x60000000 to say 0x600069D0 ok, then pop up with Programming Error @ 0x600069D0.
The .hex file should end at 0x60010E40
Each time programming fails, it has stopped at around the 0x60006000 mark.
We have altered the .hex file to start at 0x60020000 and that still fails after around 25Kbytes

We have updated to latest stlink firmware and updated to latest ST-Link utility.
We have erased the STM32 chip.
From ST-Link utility we have selected the external loader for the STM32F7.
Erasing sectors works ok.
We have tried the USB STlink on the EVal board and also an ST-Link/V2 on the Jtag header - neither will program the external flash.
Programming the internal flash is fine and has been working OK for weeks.

Any suggestions ?