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STM324x9I-EVAL program external flash in Keil uVision5

Question asked by osolkowski.lawrence on Dec 11, 2015
I have an STM324x9I-EVAL board that I'm working on with Keil uVision5.  I have a project that builds an image which I can successfully download to the onboard flash on the STM32F439 and debug.  I have another project that builds an image that I would like to download to the external flash on the eval board.  The board contains an M29W128GL flash chip, which is not supported by Keil.  Following the instructions on the Keil website, I generated a new "algorithm" (driver) to program the flash, but I'm having problems getting it to work.  When I try the download, I get a "Flash timeout" error popup, followed by an "Erase failed!" message.  I tried increasing the timeout period defined in the algorithm code, but it made no difference.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.