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Weird Measured Power Curve for the Stm32f407 Discovery Kit

Question asked by cherifi.nadir on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2015 by baird.hal.001

In a goal of a personal project, i am trying to profile energy consumption of an ARM MCU board, so i take the "stm32F407 discovery kit" as an experiment example.

In my power measurement experiment i always get a really weird current curve pattern, for which i have no exact explanation and perhaps a member of this forum could answer.

As you can see it on the joined image( image link ), this pattern have a moutain-like form. between the highest and lowest peak we have almost  "2mA difference". 

Some notes about the measurement:
  • For Power measurement i use an Agilent Power Analyzer
  • it's not a default with my board. I test on multiple STM32F4 and it's always the same.
  • I find also the same weird pattern on a SAM-Atmel Cortex M0 Board or a Nucleo board (with a Stm32F4 MCU)
  • I don't think the problem come from my power analyzer : I performed measurement with simple resistors and i don't get this weird pastern, however i don't exclude this possibility.
Thanks in advance for every answer or indication on my problem.