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stm32cubemx github examples and code sharing?

Question asked by vnv on Dec 4, 2015
Hi all,

I don't know if something like this exists and if it exists I couldn't find it.
I propose github repository where code examples of stm32mxcube could be put for general use and learning. I am willing to help manage it.
After some time using stm32cubemx I think that this is great tool with big potential but it has to get better code base and that just on it's own it won't go much far.
There are lots of things missing as documentation inside cube for specific switches and options to create "best fit" for some use.
Just using freertos with lwip and maybe usb will create enough headache for just about most folks (IMHO).
I believe if community becomes more included in this, there will be fine codebase for anyone that want's to learn also knowledge base will be more open for newcomers.
Are there anyone interested in this to join in?