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M24LR-discovery RF range versus external 3V3

Question asked by neary.mark on Aug 14, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2013 by ST NFC
Hello all,

I have been trying the M24LR-discovery board.  Without applying an external 3V3 supply to the board, the operational range appears to be only about 1.5cm (less than one inch).  There is an antenna design guide in the technical literature that indicates that for the 20mmx40mm antenna, range should be 25cm (unless the graph is wrong and this should be millimeters, but that seems unlikely as the worst antenna would have a 1mm range which is unreasonable). I cannot find any indication in the technical literature that the range will be dependent on whether the dual port memory is providing power to the whole board through its energy harvesting output.  If anyone can provide an answer to me regarding whether or not the range is dependent on the energy harvesting output load, it will be appreciated.

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