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M24SR64 Informations

Question asked by henri.ricochet on May 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by ST NFC

Hi ST community ! :)

For a projet I’m working on, I need to save some informations coming from a µC (time, date and pressure) into a memory that must be read without any wired connections. So the NFC/RFID protocol seems to be the most appropriate way to do the trick.

On the internet I could find the M24SR64 and it seems to match well with my application. Indeed, the µC will write data into the M24SR64 memory using I²C protocol and a NFC/RFID reader will ask the device to receive data when the system will be turned off.

However, I have some questions… I don’t want to use a smartphone to receive data from memory but I would prefer an NFC/RFID reader. Is it possible? If yes, can you give me some reader references?

Then, I guess there are special commands the reader should ask to receive the memory content. Is it possible to do it with standard RFID/NFC reader?

Thank you a lot for your help,