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STM32F429i-DISCO - Can I use LCD + USB at the same time?

Question asked by kolichenkov.artem on Nov 27, 2015
I have STM32F429i-DISCO board and I want to use LCD and be able to use it as USB Device, i.e. connect it through CN6 microUSB on the board. But when I create project in CubeMX I notice that LTDC already uses pins that are required for USB_OTG_FS, making it impossible to use on-board usb. Can it be done? In the demo project it is possible to connect flash stick to it, I tried to look at the source code, but didn't get how they done it. They are host there, but this shouldn't matter, since it is same OTG_FS stuff.
If somebody did something like this, please let me at least a hint, I've been googling for hours and can't find answer. Thanks.