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SD High Speed Switching

Question asked by s.abhijith.001 on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by Clive One
 do anybody know how to switch SD operation from Default mode to High Speed Mode in WICED using SD_CMD_HS_SWITCH command??
I have added
    SDIO_CmdInitStructure.SDIO_Argument = 0x80FFFF01;
    SDIO_CmdInitStructure.SDIO_CmdIndex = SD_CMD_HS_SWITCH;
    SDIO_CmdInitStructure.SDIO_Response = SDIO_Response_Short;
    SDIO_CmdInitStructure.SDIO_Wait = SDIO_Wait_No;
    SDIO_CmdInitStructure.SDIO_CPSM = SDIO_CPSM_Enable;
    SDIO_SendCommand (&SDIO_CmdInitStructure);
    errorstatus = CmdResp1Error (SD_CMD_HS_SWITCH );
this within SD_init() fuction , but its not working