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STM32CubeMx + STM32L476 Discovery Board Generating Codes With Error (Not recognizing PB3)

Question asked by J B on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2015 by J B

I put together a new project using STM32CubeMx for the STM32L476 discovery board and generated some code for both Keil and IAR.  Both had issues with the following lines:

#define 3V3_REG_ON_Pin GPIO_PIN_3
#define 3V3_REG_ON_GPIO_Port GPIOB

If it was just one compiler, I would just assume it's related to a software update but since it affects multiple compilers, I assume the issue is with STM32CubeMX's code generator specifically. 

I'm just getting started with evaluating STMicroelectronic's microcontrollers after having issues with ATmel's and this is a bit of a concerning first experience.  The tools look really good so if they're functional as well, that would be very helpful. 

I had initially tried commenting out those lines (as well as the declarations) but had read somewhere that PB3 is used for SWD communication.  Not sure if that's what I'll be using (as I'm still fairly new to this) but I figure at the very least, I should report this and find out what the best common practice is before moving forward. 

Anyway, I figured I'd report it here.  I'm including a screenshot of PB3 on the pinout.