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stm8s-Discovery TSL_IO_ALCODE

Question asked by john.frantisek on Apr 30, 2010
Latest reply on May 3, 2010 by 30782
Hallo colleagues,
I bought STM8S-Discovery kit and followed all steps of UM0834 - User manual for generation sample code. But I made any mistake - error code is generated. Can anybody help me?




Running Linker

clnk -l"C:\Program Files\COSMIC\CXSTM8_16K\Lib"  -o Debug\muj_prvni_project.sm8 -mDebug\ Debug\muj_prvni_project.lkf

#error clnk Debug\muj_prvni_project.lkf:1 no default placement for segment .TSL_IO_ALCODE

The command: "clnk -l"C:\Program Files\COSMIC\CXSTM8_16K\Lib" -o Debug\muj_prvni_project.sm8 -mDebug\ Debug\muj_prvni_project.lkf " has failed, the returned value is: 1

exit code=1.


oh , point missing ....