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USB OTG FS host channel interrupt is coming up abnormally too many times.

Question asked by sid.m on Oct 26, 2015
i m using stm32 Cube mx codes for USB OTG FS host.
with most pendrives, the host channel interrupt and RX queue level interrupt is coming normally, around 20-25 times during mass storage class initialization. but with few pendrives, the the host channel interrupt is as high as 29000+ (it worst value while using kingston 8gb pendrive) while rx queue level interrupt is low as 30-40 times max.

i wonder why hs channel interrupt is coming so many times as for 1 data packet transfer, it should be called only once. and as i have went through the code, we are communicating with pendrive around 19-20 times during mass strorage class initialization.

so my question is... why with kingston pendrive i am facing this issue?? is it because interrupts are not handled properly??