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ST-Link V2 Debugger- USB Communication issues after hours of use

Question asked by milutinovic.marko on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by Marcin Lipczak

I am using the ST-Link V2 debugger to run on target unit tests. I have updated my windows drivers to the latest and the firmware on the debugger has been updated to the latest as well.

Tests are compiled via IAR (v7.2) and then run on device via IAR command line tools using ST-Link as the debugger. This process is repeated over 8+ hours as there are a lot of tests and they need to be compiled and run in batches.

I have no issues for a couple of hours but eventually the debugger stops being responsive. When it gets in this state I tried communicating with it via ST-Link Utility but I get a USB communication error message.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues? Any ideas to try and get this to work consistently?