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Recording a mono track from 4 MEMS mics array (STEVAL-MKI129V3)

Question asked by baggio.michele on Oct 15, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2014 by veneri.marco
i'm an italian videomaker interested on MEMS mic
I want to record some audio using your Evaluation Kit (STEVAL-MKI126V1 + MKI129V3 connected to my laptop through the MKI138V1).
I've installed APWorkbench on Windows 64bit running on Parallels Desktop.
FTDI missing but i can run the app for the STSmartvoice Demo Kit.
What i need is capturing sound from the 4 mics on the 129 board and mix them to a mono file.
The main reason is to get a higher SNR for a better audio quality.

Could you please show me how to send CH3 4 5 6 to only one OUT Channel?

More. I can control the volume only of mic 4 and 5.

It would be great to solve this problem before my shooting next week.
Thanks so much.