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STM32L0 Discovery + Ammeter

Question asked by jon.gordon on Oct 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2015 by jon.gordon
I have an STM32L0 DISCOVERY board and I remove the jumper from JP4 and attach my own ammeter between pins 1 and 2.

The demonstration software shows between 210uA - 300uA repeatedly but does not execute code.  The LEDs do not flash and the ePaper display does not update.

If I short pins 1 and 2 on JP4 with the provided jumper, all works OK.  As this is simply connecting 3V3 to VDD, I do not understand why my ammeter is preventing the code from executing.  I am using a Keysight U1232A set to uA scale (upto 600uA).

Has anybody seen a similar problem or know what might be causing this?