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how can read each of channel ADC in scan mode with hal Library

Question asked by chau_vo.huong on Oct 7, 2015
hi !    there is a hard to knowing about scand mode with ADC  for me 
 i using hal library  set up it by CubeMX  
there is real  code  send at  link below
  - at line 142 delare attribule  with   MX_ADC_Init() function 
 -   i  start ADC sampling process  at line 81 
 -    and in forever loop  i pooling the ADC  convertion and expect the led in pin 10 will be on if the vol signal in PIN ADC  CHANNEL  over 3v 
so the led has been on when i just touch the fingure  on it 
and is it each of channal ADC  in the regular group will be convert in while loop ????
please help me about it thank so much