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Nucleo-F103RB PCB Revision

Question asked by brunner.alexander on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by brunner.alexander
Hello all,

I'm using two Nucleo-F401RE boards which do some cross communication and timing monitoring. Initally I used boards with revision C-01 and HSI as clock source. This worked fine when doing individual clock-trimming for each board. For demonstration purposes I moved on to make pre-built binaries. Because of the trimming issue I changed to Nucleo-F401RE boards with revision C-03, utilizing the HSE clock provided by the ST-Link.

The reason for the board change - instead of some soldering - is because of the intended audience using (and buying) the Nucleos.

Now that I know that the Nucleo-F401RE is on that new revision, I am wondering if the other Nucleo boards (especially the Nucleo-F103RB) are available with that new revision, too (without having to buy a bunch of different Nucleos)?

Thanks in advance.