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STM32303e-eval source code

Question asked by hedin.dan on Sep 19, 2015
The firmware that came loaded on the STM32303e-eval board does not appear to be the same as the source code that the documentation links to: STM32124
I'm using Atollic and the STM32124 firmware compiles and load ok. The only issue I've found is that the USB Mass Storage doesn't work.  The computer says "USB Device Not Recognized".  The STM32124 firmware continues to run and other functions that I've tried work.  Its clear the STM32124 firmware is communicating with the SD-card because it loads the images. I have tried loading the .HEX file that comes in the zip file, loaded with Atollic through ST-Link with the STM32303C Eval selected as the target, and loaded with Atollic through ST-Link with the ST32F303VE processor selected as the target and Atollic generated Linker file. All of them work except for the USB Mass Storage.  Before I loaded any new firmware on the Eval board I read out the firmware that came with the board.  I can load that firmware back on the Eval board and the USB Mass Storage works.   

Is there a place to download the source code and project files for the updated version of the STM32303E-Eval?