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Starting with STM32F0DISCO..."errors"

Question asked by brand.eckhard on Sep 14, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2015 by brand.eckhard

i'm just start working with the Discovery Board STM32F072B.
I've installed CubeMX, the MDK-ARM 5.16a & ST-Link Utility 3.7.0

At first i want to go through the examples of the Disco-Board.
I can start and rebuild targets as described in the "getting started" manual.
I also have a running connection via the integrated ST-Link/V2


after rebuild the target files i want to start the debug-session in µvision5 and get get a error-message: "cannot load flash device description !" and "flash download failed - Cortex-M0"

Can someone give me hints, what's going wrong here ?
Are there settings i haven't made etc ?

thanks in advance...